Alexander Ankvab: "From today, Russians will be able to freely enter Abkhazia, and our citizens Russia"

01.08.2020 17:38
Alexander Ankvab: "From today, Russians will be able to freely enter Abkhazia, and our citizens Russia"
The coordination headquarters does not stop its work.

Sukhum. August 1, 2020. Apsnypress. “From today, Russians will be able to freely enter Abkhazia, and our citizens Russia. When making the decision to open the Russian-Abkhaz border, the conclusions of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health of Russia on the sanitary and epidemiological situation in Abkhazia, as well as the readiness of our tourist infrastructure to receive vacationers, were taken into account. The Abkhazian side opens the border in a mirror, without any restrictions. This issue was discussed for a long time, and we came to a common opinion. " This was announced to reporters by Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab at the end of the meeting with Coordination Headquarters for protecting the population from coronavirus.

He also noted that customs officers and border guards of Abkhazia began to work at the border as usual.

“Now there is no excitement at the border, but there are many people willing to cross it from both sides. My opinion and the opinion of the headquarters members is that we cannot demand COVID certificates from those who enter, because the Russian side will not demand a certificate from those leaving Abkhazia. Everything is mirrored, ” prime minister stressed.

When asked by journalists whether all members of Coordination Headquarters agreed on the border opening, Prime Minister replied: “All members of the headquarters have come to a consolidated opinion on the border opening. The discussion was stormy, useful, principled and detailed. Medicine knows what to do and localizes all foci of infection, but all owners of facilities must comply with sanitary standards. Those facilities that do not follow the recommendations and instructions adopted by the headquarters will be closed. "

 He also said that the Coordination Headquarters does not stop its work and will continue to monitor the situation, react to what is happening in the republic. Nothing will happen uncontrollably.

"President keeps the situation under control. We need to recover and endure the situation, because the country needs it. I hope our population will be wise enough to take the necessary precautions, ” stressed Alexander Ankvab.

He especially noted that the doctors are provided with everything they need.

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