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Contract with the RF, civic initiatives and spring have come into force
The first week of spring is full of memorable events and festivities.

One of the main pages of the calendar in Abkhazia is  March 4th. On this day, remember and honor the two Presidents of the Republic – Vladislav Ardzinba and Sergey Bagapsh. Two people who did a lot for their country, without which it could not be held as an independent state. The first President of Abkhazia conquered. The second – won its recognition. On this day, the country's leaders laid memorial wreaths at the memorial complex in the village of Vladislav Ardzinba – Eschera, and at the grave of Sergey Bagapsh in his native village Dzhgyarda.

March 4 also noted the 94th anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power in Abkhazia and the 20th anniversary of the Communist Party of the republic.

And the next day, on March 5, as a proof of the political achievements of Abkhazia in the international arena, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation held a ceremony of exchange of instruments of ratification of the Treaty between Abkhazia and Russia on the alliance and strategic partnership. Thus, the Treaty between the two countries came into force.

And it must be noted that this event was awaited. Since, in addition to political significance, with the signing of the Treaty opens the way for the implementation of many economic projects. Because people, except of  increasing the size of pensions and salaries, hoping to enhance the business life of the country. For example, in the intensive care unit of the Sukhum airport or restoration of railway communication across Abkhazia. Moreover, to promote such projects have already been taken steps at the legislative level. Last week, the Ministry of Economy held the first meeting of the working group on the draft law "On Public-Private Partnership in the Republic of Abkhazia." According to the MP, its development will create legal conditions for interaction between the state and private investors in the reconstruction, modernization and reconstruction of objects of state property, social, engineering and transport infrastructure, not subject to privatization. In particular, the adoption of the law is necessary to restore the major hubs of the country.

In general, the results of the week brought a lot of specifics in the economy. RA President Raul Khadjimba at a public meeting in Gudauta district not only described the situation in the country, but also spoke about the measures that it should be reversed. "Our economy should not resemble a sieve, which, without stopping, pouring cash flows into pockets and corruption schemes", – said Khadjimba. According to him, in this regard have already been given specific instructions to tax optimization of tax administration.

In addition, at the same event the President urged to solve the problem of garbage, which "carries environmental risks" and adopt a program to create a single registry of monuments of historical and architectural heritage of the Republic of Abkhazia and the regulatory framework, "regulating all kinds of related repair work".

But, as it turned out, the problem of state concern not only the country's leadership. As the head of the municipal administration of Sukhum Elena Atepina said, the members of one of the social networks, "I want to live in a clean town" and Sukhum Youth House decided to help the employees of the municipal administration in the capital of the spring work day, cleaning and greening the town. This initiative has supported youth from other regions of the Republic. For brooms and shovels took in Gudauta, Ochamchira, Tkurachalskom and Gagra district.

But "initiative from above" the younger generation is waiting on another issue. And in the nation such a topic was supported. So, summing up the selection of applicants for training in high schools of the Russian Federation, Vice President of RA Vitaliy Gabniya as a problem called lack of state order for limitation. "This requires a strategy for the development of the state, at least 10-15 years to come with the understanding that to be built and what professionals are needed here", – said Vitaliy Gabniya.

In the meantime, build strategic plans for the future, the company employs a vital issue.  Kindergartens approved a new menu. From the diet of children excluded cucumbers and tomatoes in the winter, hot dogs and coffee, pastries, in the opinion of experts, are allowed only once a week. "But instead of dried fruits now in kindergartens will deliver frozen berries and fruits", - said the head of the Department of Education Ludmila Adleyba.

There were social events such as the presentation of the photo exhibition of Elvira Arsaliya and Otto Lakoba "Three Colors of Time", which combines several areas: costume, photography and interior, as well as the first game in the league of KVN Sochi, where the national team of Abkhazia  took first place, beating 14 teams. First relay of the victory in the War will cross the Russian-Abkhaz border and with solemn concert events will be held in five towns in Abkhazia.

But the most enjoyable for women, for obvious reasons, it was Sunday, March 8th. All women of Abkhazia were congratulated by the President, Prime Minister, heads of departments. And, of course, relatives! Although in that day Orthodox Christians celebrated the acquisition of John the Baptist and continuing to fast, thought about the dual nature of the festival introduced by Clara Zetkin. But this is the other issue.

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