02.03.2015 18:02
Spring - a time to restore order!
Winter is behind us. So, it's time to get to work, they say, "put aside pen and paper and roll up our sleeves".

And all the possibilities for this are already there. The deputies of the National Assembly last week unanimously adopted the Republican budget for 2015.

As emphasized by Finance Minister Amra Kvarandziya in its expenditure includes funds for construction and repair of social, health, education, and higher wages and pensions are taken into account the changes made by the Cabinet of Ministers, the revised staffing and all departments.

About the actual work involved, and at a meeting chaired by the President of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba in Gudauta District Administration, when the president ordered the heads of construction companies to complete the work as soon as possible on the social facilities. What is interesting here the people themselves took up the improvement of their own town. Khadjimba met with young activists and promised to help in their endeavors.

New asphalt cover on the streets of Tkuarchal. The investment program for this purpose allocated 10 million rubles. And another 38 - to repair the water supply of the town. These figures were made at a meeting of the President with the public of Tkuarchal area. According to him, the town's potential is not fully realized. But "today we have other options. We can do a lot", - said Khadjimba.

On the financing of repairs of the water supply in Sukhum said recently the deputy head of the town administration Anzor Kortua. According to a comprehensive plan, it allocated 220 million rubles. Plus another 149 million rubles - for the rehabilitation of infrastructure and road repairs. So, we can expect that the pit around the central market in the near future will be eliminated.

In general, ministries and agencies have intensified! In this case, along with the positive results of the work are indicated and cons. The Minister of Health of RA Andzor Goov at the workshop with the head physician of district hospitals stated that " the number of the complaints of patients who were treated in the hospitals is increasing." As a result, he said, we have to decide whom to renew contracts, and to whom not. And rigorous approach to the Ministry of Health personnel policy combined with significant advances in terms of equipment: from a mobile dental clinic appeared dental office on the basis of the bus ISUZU, a maternity department of the Republican Hospital ambulance passed.

Much criticism was made at an enlarged meeting of the Board of the Prosecutor's Office. "The results of the activities of law enforcement agencies do not give grounds to assert its effectiveness", - said the RA Prosecutor General Alexey Lomiya. According to him, last year the number of inspections supervisors amounted to more than 200, half of them were unplanned and nearly a third of them ended in nothing. At the College of Attorney General drew attention to a number of problems that require immediate solution. He called for strict punishment of the perpetrators of high-profile crimes, said that road deaths in Abkhazia – is one of the highest in the world, said about corruption, the magnitude of which can lead to uncontrolled processes in society, and called for the strict observance of public accounting of crimes.

International cooperation of the Republic can be characterized in the same way as "progress with obstacles". A working visit of the Abkhazian delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Chirikba to Ankara. Meetings had humanitarian, economic and political nature. But such steps in the international arena, especially against the background of the planned on March 31 th round of the Geneva discussions, caused a flurry of negative emotions by Georgian officials. "The policy of Georgia against Abkhazia has not changed and is still based on outdated stereotypes", - commented on the situation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia.

Another similar fact. At the fair "Sajam Fair" in Belgrade delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Abkhazia headed by its president Gennadiy Gaguliya presented the stand of the Republic. And then an incident occured! The exhibition organizers demanded withdrawal of state symbols from the stand. RA Foreign Ministry considers the incident, "as another attempt by the Georgian side and its European" allies "to spoil the presence of the Republic of Abkhazia in this international event". However, such troubles did not affect the positive perception of Abkhazia exhibitors. Representatives of foreign travel agencies interested in the situation with visas, security in the country and the possibility of sending groups of tourists to Abkhazia.

Although there are examples of international cooperation of RA, was not marked by controversy. For example, warmly welcomed the President of Chamber of Commerce of RA in Berlin, where he took part in the meeting of the German business community. "Abkhazia is interested in attracting German investments in the establishment and development of joint business projects on mutually beneficial terms", - said after the trip Gennadiy Gaguliya. In addition, there was a meeting of the first deputy prime minister Shamil Adzynba with the head of mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Abkhazia George Drndarski. "We continue to work together in a very important sphere for Abkhazia - finding missing people - said Shamil Adzynba. - In a new year it is necessary to carry out our plans, and keep looking for".

And of course, there are positive dynamics of cooperation in the international sporting arena. In Moscow, the Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Youth Affairs of Abkhazia Bagrat Khutaba met with Deputy Sports Minister Dmitriy Nagornykh. The meeting discussed the current issues of development of physical culture and sports in Abkhazia, in particular, the restoration of the Central sports facilities in the village of Lower Eschera in Sukhum district. Meanwhile, in the first round of the Open Championship of the SFD Abkhazian tennis players have shown good results. Among young men in the age group under 17 years, first in doubles won Renat Karchava and Lasha Davitaya.

Also is continuing humanitarian mission in Abkhazia for Donbass. Sukhum is collecting humanitarian aid, organized by the "Union of Cossacks of Abkhazia and Cossacks combat veterans" with the support of the public organization of veterans of the War of Abkhazia "Aruaa". In Myussera resort rest children from boarding schools of DNR. "We know the value of peace. We want children to be able to forget for a while what happened to them in recent months. Once our children, too, survived the war", - said the President of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba at the meeting with the children who came to rest.

In addition, last week said the country's public two memorable dates. One - from the common historical past, and the other - as a sign of recent history. We are talking about the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, on 23 February. "Today we are proud to commemorate the heroic past military t of the older generation - a priceless treasure for their homeland is timeless", - said, congratulating the veterans, Defense Minister Mirab Kishmariya. And congratulations on February 27 took media professionals of Abkhazia. Professional holiday of media workers of RA became the day of the first issue of the newspaper "Apsny".

"Printing in the native language arose when people were aware of the need to restore the lost national statehood", - said on this occasion Head of the Department of Journalism of ASU, Ph.D., Associate Professor Guram Amkuab.

Ended the week on the first day of spring! In Sukhum Botanical Garden bloomed daffodils of the Dutch group, a mixture of crocus, anemones crown, tulips, Spanish Scylla and many different species of flowers. Moreover, as noted by specialists, some of them have blossomed much earlier due to anomalous warming. And, despite the fact that on March 1 is not sheduled any holiday good cheer was provided. Just because the spring has come!

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